WHMCS Modules

cPanel Server Audit

If you have ever moved customers from one server to another, often times the old account doesn't get terminated on the old server or the server record doesn't get properly updated in WHMCS.
This module will help clean up your cPanel servers and ensure the associated WHMCS service is properly linked to the correct cPanel server.
You will be able to select a server, then the module will look at every cPanel user and reseller record to ensure all information in WHMCS is correct and will give you a list of accounts to correct.
This module also supports WHMPHP and will automatically determine who the master reseller is for each account and verify only the master record.
This module is provided unencoded.
Works with WHMCS 5.3.x and 6.x

Domain Pending Email Verification Alerts

During the nightly cron job, an API call is made to the logicboxes server to look for domains pending verification and domains that have been suspended due to the email address not being verified. The domain is then looked up in the WHMCS database and any contact set to receive Domain emails will receive an alert every day until the domain has been verified.
* The email notifications are customizable
* This module is provided unencoded
* One year of support/updates included

  • resellerclub, stargate, netearthone, and resellercamp. * This module currently only supports the following Domain Registrars that use the logicboxes
Email Auto Login

The Email Auto Login module allows you to include a new merge field in General, Product, and Domain email templates that will automatically login the user and redirect them to the client area or you can link them directly to the product or domain you are emailing about.
The key used in the URL is a randomly generated hash and automatically expires in a configurable amount of days and can only be used a configurable amount of times. For example the link could expire after 20 days or after it has been clicked on two times.
This addon works with WHMCS 5.3.x. or later and requires AutoAuth to be enabled. This module may be used alongside of our Invoice Auto Login module..
The source code is provided unencoded.

Invoice Auto Login

The Invoice Auto Login addon allows you to include a new merge field in the invoice email templates that will automatically login the user and redirect them to the unpaid invoice. You can choose to login the user fully or limit access to just view the invoice and the credit card payment/input screen.
The key used in the URL is a randomly generated hash and automatically expires when the invoice is paid, cancelled or 20 days has passed since the key was generated.
This addon will work with WHMCS 6.x and later, AutoAuth does need to be enabled.

Min Cancel Notice

This WHMCS module allows you to limit when a client may issue a cancellation request to x days before the next due date. For example you can use this to require 10 days notice for canceling a vps and 5 days notice for canceling a shared hosting account or set a default option for all of your services.
When a user goes to the cancellation request screen, the cancel form is not displayed and it tells them they must submit a cancel request x days before the due date of the service.
This module has been updated for WHMCS v6.

Secure Ticket Note -1 Available

The Secure Ticket Note module allows your clients to securely submit sensitive server login details when opening or replying to a ticket.
-The note/login details are encrypted in the WHMCS database.
-The note/login details are automatically deleted when the ticket is closed.
-The note/login details are viewable from the Admin interface in a new tab.
-No modifications to the admin area or client area templates are required. Everything is added automatically via javascript.
-This module is provided unencoded.
Works with WHMCS 6.x, WHMCS 7, PHP 5.6 or PHP 7

Show Hidden Product Groups based on Client Group

This WHMCS module allows you to show a hidden product group to a client in the product/shopping cart section of WHMCS for selected client groups. In the admin area you set which client groups should see the hidden product group.
This module is provided unencoded.
This module is for WHMCS v6.x or later.


Allow your customers to easily unblock their ip from your cPanel and DirectAdmin servers CSF firewall.
Checks for an IP Block across every cPanel and DirectAdmin server that is associated with an active service of the WHMCS Client.
Uses a smarty template filet to easily change look/feel of the addon.
Only shows the link to the module in your menu if the client has an active cPanel service.
Displays the csf log entry so the client can see the reason why the ip was blocked.
Logs successful unblocks in the whmcs client log.
For added security you can set maximum number of unblocks a client can issue in a configurable minute time period.
Quickly search for and unblock an IP address from all active cPanel servers from the WHMCS admin area.
Automatically check for and remove an ip block when upon client login to WHMCS (Optional, disabled by default).
Free and open source under the BSD Modified License.
Easy installation
WHMCS 5.0.3 or later
cPanel properly configured in WHMCS
CSF 5.40 or later